Bed Bug Epidemics in Old Peoples Care Homes


Aside from experts providing pest control services, tots of people realize that bed bugs could be present in university dorms and resorts, but several folks don’t think about the risk of bed bugs in old peoples care homes. However, it’s accurate. Old people care homes have several characteristics to additional high risk locations, for example having many individuals sleeping in the same building, an abundance of workers and guests arriving and leaving every single day, and bedrooms that are used for new residents when the old one leaves or dies.

Even the most spotlessly clean old peoples care home can be contaminated with bed bugs. These parasites are persistent in their quest for people and will connect themselves to people’s bedding and outfits to move to new places. Large amounts of guests in an old peoples care home allow it to be an extremely appealing location for bed bugs.

Possibly much more than in virtually any different kind of living circumstances, bed bugs can be a bigger annoyance to elderly people because of the pain. Bed-bug bites can result in further infections and may cause your skin to be itchy. They have also been associated with MRSA. Besides the bodily discomfort, bed bugs provide physical stress and psychological harm because of the contamination.
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Health threats that can get you when your home’s air duct and furnace is dirty


If the air ducts or furnace in your home are clogged or dirty then you are welcoming a number of potential health risks into your home. This is because the air you breathe has a direct effect on your health – the reason why furnace and air duct cleaning in Toronto and other cities are in demand. Over time, air ducts in the home get contaminated by bacteria, fungi, mold, dust and dust mites, insects, bugs and even mice and rats in addition to chemical residues. The Environment Protection Agency determined that most of us spend between 60-90% of our time indoors and if the quality of the air we breathe is compromised in any way then there is a probability that we and our family members are exposed to certain health risks. These are the health threats that can get you when your homes air duct is dirty:

Respiratory infections: A lot of bacteria can get trapped in the air duct. Every time air is blown out through the system there is a potential that the bacteria is being transported back to our living spaces. The worst part of it all is that bacteria breeds especially when it is warm and therefore it can invade your living space in a surprisingly short period of time. With a lot of harmful bacteria in air you and your family will be prone to respiratory infections which are detrimental to human health. Read more